Chatbot features for Amazon’s Astro home robot


Chatbot features for Amazon’s Astro home robot

As a smart home reviewer of a certain age, I have always wanted a Rosie the robot.

The Jetsons’ mechanical housekeeper was the example I held Amazon’s Astro to when I tested the company’s first home robot โ€” and it unsurprisingly failed.

Now, according to internal documents from Amazon seen by Insider, the company thinks it has found the keys to unlock Astro’s potential.

Burnham is a secret new AI robot project Amazon is developing that adds a layer of intelligence and a conversational spoken interface to its smart home robot, reports Insider.

Amazon acknowledges in the documents that it still has a long way to go before Burnham can be put into a product but claims that it has great things to do before it can be used in products

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