Carbon Neutral Fuels (CNF)


Carbon Neutral Fuels (CNF)

While planes can take us to places far and wide, climate change has made people reconsider the carbon footprint of flying.

The flight industry is looking towards sustainable aviation fuels, or e-fuels, as a potentially greener alternative to traditional fuels.

Carbon Neutral Fuels co-founders explain how they sequester CO 2 in the atmosphere and use hydrogen to create a carbon-neutral fuel.

They believe that this could be used as a sustainable alternative for the huge amount of fuel used in aviation.

Carbon neutral fuel is different from conventional fossil fuels in that it uses electricity to make it low-carbon electricity though, because otherwise you’re still burning fossil fuels.

In contrast to traditional fossil fuels, nature has done the collection of energy for you, just as plants do.

But humans have come along and dug it up as an effectively free energy supply, but this is having the unintended consequence of filling our atmosphere up with excess CO 2 , which is contributing to climate change.

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