Bing Chat AI is now open to everyone


Bing Chat AI is now open to everyone

Microsoft today officially launches an update to Bing Chat with new features and plug-in support.

It comes two months after the company experimented with removing the waitlist for its new Bing Chat feature.

More features and enhancements are promised for the chat platform, including image and video results, a new Bing and Edge Actions feature, persistent chat, history, and more.

In addition, Bing Chat now has support for plug-ins.

The company claims that this support will be the key addition for developers and for the future of Bing Chat.

Here’s looking forward to seeing what Microsoft adds to the service in the coming weeks.

Chat history in Bing Chat.

Image: MicrosoftIn addition to all these new features, Bing also introduces support for Pages and PDFs.

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