APT Group Leverages TelePowerBot and KamiKakaBot in Sophistic


APT Group Leverages TelePowerBot and KamiKakaBot in Sophistic

The threat actor known as Dark Pink has been linked to five new attacks aimed at various entities in Belgium, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam between February 2022 and April 2023.Dark

Pink, also called Saaiwc Group, is an advanced persistent threat (APT) actor believed to be of Asia-Pacific origin, with attacks targeting entities primarily located in East Asia and, to a lesser extent, in Europe.

Polovinkin said.

The fact that two attacks were executed in 2023 indicates that Dark Pink remains active and poses an ongoing risk to organizations, he said.

Besides using Telegram for command-and-control, Dark Pink had been observed exfiltrating stolen data over HTTP using a service called webhook[.]site.

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