Apple’s Siri to control multiple devices in your home


Apple’s Siri to control multiple devices in your home

As expected, Apple didn’t really give much away at WWDC.

Siri will soon be able to handle multiple commands in succession without you having to say its name again, for example.

It’s another example of how Apple is still playing catch-up in the smart home.

Apple did announce some new features, however, such as support for PIN codes and tap-to-unlock capabilities for smart locks.

It also announced that it’s working on bringing its smart home platform up to par with the competition when it comes to compatible devices-another place where Apple has lagged behind.

Despite some hints toward a possible Apple smart display, Apple’s WWDC was underwhelming for the smart homes.

But Apple did announce one noteworthy addition, Siri will Soon handle ‘multiple commands’ in succession Without You Having to Say Its Name Again Apple’s smart home presentation was pretty dull overall.

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