Apple’s new AR headset, Apple Vision Pro, is coming soon.


Apple’s new AR headset, Apple Vision Pro, is coming soon.

Apple has announced an augmented reality headset called Apple Vision Pro that seamlessly blends the real and digital world.”

It will be available in stores this fall.

Apple claims that it will be better than Meta Meta’s previous AR headset and will be more useful than any game-tracking device ever.

Its primary competitor will likely be Meta, which has enjoyed relative success with its games-focused Quest 2 headset and gotten a mixed reception with its general-purpose Quest Pro.Image Pro is positioned as primarily an AR device, but it can switch between augmented reality and full virtual reality using a dial.

On top of that, the headset supports Bluetooth accessories and lets you connect your Mac to use inside the headset.

Apple is also touting TV and Arcade content on the headset, including premium content from Disney.

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