Apple rumored VR headset screens could have ridiculously high-end


Apple rumored VR headset screens could have ridiculously high-end

This is some more info about the displays of Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset.

According to a tweet from Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, the AR / VR headset will be equipped with two 1.41-inch Micro OLED screens, each with 4,000 ppI and brightness.

You should also be able to see 4K resolution per eye, he says in a follow-up tweet.

Apple’s rumored Mixed Reality headset might have extremely pixel-dense and bright displays, according to this tweet fromross young.

This contradicts previous rumors that the device would have light weight and thin bezelsRoss Young has accurate information about Apple products in the past.

His company has published information about other recent Apple products on the subject before.

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