Apple promises to use more recycled cobalt in its devices


Apple promises to use more recycled cobalt in its devices
Apple is working to reduce its environmental impact by transitioning to 100% recycled cobalt, rare earth elements and tin soldering by 2025 in order to create batteries, magnets and circuit boards for their devices. The tech industry has been under scrutiny for years due to its reliance on mined materials, which inflicts harm on people and the environment. Apple has worked with the Material Recovery Lab to research ways to reuse materials and has created a robot, Daisy, to extract cobalt from discarded batteries. Last year, 25% of cobalt used in Apple products came from recycled sources, and the percentage of rare earth elements and recycled tin used in their products also increased. While recycling can make a dent in the growing amount of e-waste, Apple is also exploring ways to make devices easier to repair, which could help to reduce waste.

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