Android 14 barely made an appearance in Google’s IO keynote


Android 14 barely made an appearance in Google’s IO keynote

During the keynote, Android 14 gets almost no airtime.

That’s because it’s a minor update to the platform, and not because anyone cares that much about it.

I asked Sameer Samat, vice president of the Android ecosystem, why Android 14 got so little airtime in the keynote.

He says it’s because people didn’t care about it as much as other updates coming later in the year, like Android 7.1.New lock screen customization options are highlighted.

But these things were framed as updates coming to theAndroid ecosystem, not as Android 14 features.

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It’s Just a tip.

Google also talked a lot about Android 9.0, which is in beta now and expected in the fall.

But nothing about Android 14.

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