Ancient Türkiye City So Huge Its Mostly Underground


Ancient Türkiye City So Huge Its Mostly Underground

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #underground city #ancient history #Turkey #hiding place #cave dwelling #Derinkuyu #Kaymakli #Nevşehir Province #soft volcanic rock #early Christians #Arab-Byzantine wars Good evening, I’m Aria. Now from the Nevşehir Province of Türkiye comes a discovery that’s got archaeologists digging for more. A massive underground city called Kaymakli stretches eight floors below ground and once housed around 3,000 people. Carved from soft volcanic rock, Kaymakli served as both a home and hiding place from the 7th century BCE to the early 20th century. Its early Christian residents used it to dodge religious persecution during the Arab-Byzantine wars because nothing says ‘Please don’t find me’ like an 18-story subterranean metropolis. Kaymakli connects to an even larger underground city called Derinkuyu through a series of tunnels, making it the second scariest thing found underground in Türkiye after baklava cheesecake. While living below ground may seem dystopian, ancient inhabitants made sure to reserve the upper floors for VIPs. Because even in cave dwellings, wealthier families get the penthouse.

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