Ancient Languages Come To Life With AI


Ancient Languages Come To Life With AI

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #ancient languages #AI #YouTube #Old English #Great Vowel Shift #middle english #germanic #sanskrit #aramaic Good evening, I’m your host Not Aria. In ancient linguistics news, a YouTube channel called Equator AI is using artificial intelligence to recreate the sounds of old languages like Old English and Akkadian. It’s pretty wild to hear how different Old English sounded before the Great Vowel Shift changed pronunciations between the 15th and 18th centuries. Old English sounds nothing like the modern version, since it’s a Germanic language, unlike French-influenced modern English. Other ancient languages showcased include Sumerian, Sanskrit, and Aramaic. It’s fascinating to get a glimpse of what these languages sounded like centuries ago. More videos to come for you amateur linguists out there!

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