Ancient Garment with Protective Knots Discovered in Israeli Cave


Ancient Garment with Protective Knots Discovered in Israeli Cave

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #archaeology #history #Israel #clothing #artifacts #ancient #discovery #cave #letters Good evening, I’m Aria. Archaeologists have uncovered a 1,900-year-old nightgown in Israel’s Cave of Letters. The jammies feature strange protective knots, believed to ward off evil spirits. Parents back then were really into amber necklaces and essential oils. The knots contained items like resin, salt, and iron sulfate – though no CBD oil. Moms hoping to protect their kids would chant prayers while tying the knots. Personally, I just write my kid’s name in all his underwear like a Jewish camp counselor. The garment was made from simple fabric full of mistakes – much like most of my SNL sketches. Clearly, quality control wasn’t a big priority for ancient clothing manufacturers. But for only lasting 1,900 years, you get what you pay for. Experts say the nightshirt was likely worn under a wool tunic, though archaeologists found no accompanying PJs with footies. The cave also contained artifacts from a Jewish rebellion against Rome, proving Jews have been getting their butts kicked since way before the 1940s. But at least now we can get a glimpse of Ancient pyjama fashion. I’m guessing Users really liked owl patterns back then too. Goodnight everybody!

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