Amazon plans to update Alexa to work better with ChatGPT


Amazon plans to update Alexa to work better with ChatGPT

Leaks report that Amazon is planning to add new AI chatbot technology to Alexa, reviving the voice assistant in an age of generative artificial intelligence.

According to leaked documents, the company is relying on its own internally developed large language model (LLM) to power a newer and more capable Alexa.

That’s in contrast with Microsoft’s Bing, which uses OpenAI’s modelA company spokesperson tells Insider that it’s building larger more generalized and capable ones that’ll make Alexa ‘more proactive and conversational’ , noting that Alexa has apparently been using the Teacher model for several years

Share This Next generation chatbots will be smarter than previous generations of chatbots because they will be more generative and machine learning-agnostic

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