All the Matter news from IFA 2023


All the Matter news from IFA 2023

The smart home standard called Matter was officially announced at IFA.

It’s similar to Zigbee and Z-Wave, but with a twist: all smart home devices can now work in the Matter ecosystem, meaning they don’t need to be tethered to a particular company or manufacturer.

There are tons of new products coming out this year that support the new standard.

Philips Hue offers Hue as an example.

All of its lighting products work in Matter through the bridge, and if Hue had added Matter support last month, it would have only worked with Google Home and Apple Home through Matter.

This month, however, an update will bring the capability, allowing you to add your Hue lights to any Matter platform.

Here’s a look at the Matter news coming out of IFA and where the new smart house standard now stands.

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