AI Regulator Wanted in Response to ChatGPT Fears


AI Regulator Wanted in Response to ChatGPT Fears

Blumenthal opens the hearing with an AI voice clone of himself reciting text written by ChatGPT to highlight that AI can produce convincing results .

Senators from both parties speak in support of the idea of creating a new arm of the US government dedicated to regulating AI.No proposal to regulate corporate AI projects has got close to becoming law, but OpenAI’s release of ChatG PT in November has convinced some senators there is now an urgent need to do something to protect people’s rights against the potential harms of AI technology.

Senators from different parties speakIn support of establishing a new branch of the U.S. agency dedicated to regulation of artificial intelligence, Blumenthal also expressed concern that a new federal AI agency could struggle to match the pace and power of the tech industry

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