600-Year-Old Underwater City Discovered in China!


600-Year-Old Underwater City Discovered in China!

#shorts #ancient city #time #site #seen photos The Sunken City of Shicheng The Chinese city of Shicheng was submerged in 1959 to make way for a dam. But thanks to the city’s freshwater surroundings and low oxygen levels, it’s been remarkably well-preserved. Divers who have explored the city have found that it’s like a time capsule, with streets, houses, and temples still standing. One of the most striking things about Shicheng is its five entrances, which is unusual for a Chinese city. The city also has many beautifully preserved stone statues of animals, including lions, dragons, and phoenixes. Today, it’s possible to visit Shicheng, but only if you’re a certified diver. The site is still being explored and mapped, so it’s considered unsafe for inexperienced divers. So if you’re looking for a unique diving experience, be sure to check out Shicheng. Just don’t forget your oxygen tank!

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