5 Reasons Why OT Security Tools Don’t Work


5 Reasons Why OT Security Tools Don’t Work

Still, there’s a lot of innovation in the OT space.

Why? OT systems are highly variable , Takepoint explains.

As a result, you can’t really set up a standard for them.

They’re very different from how IT protects information technology systems.

For example, the industry has largely standardized on the TCP/IP protocol, but the OT world lacks such consensus.

It’s very difficult to set up and manage an OT system.

You need to learn more about the top challenges facing OT security professionals, read the complete report from Takepoint Research and Cyolo.

And be sure to check out our infographic on the subject as well.

OT environments deserve OT solutionsIt’s often said that strategy precedes tooling — and this is true.

Yet the landscape of OT security tools is far less developed than that of its information technology counterpart.

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