1-Celled Robots Can Heal Wounds in Seconds!


1-Celled Robots Can Heal Wounds in Seconds!

#shorts #living human cells #anthrobots #lab #cilia Scientists have created tiny biological robots out of living human cells. They’re called anthrobots and they’re pretty amazing. They can move around on their own, wiggle, travel in straight lines, or move in circles. And they can self-assemble, meaning they don’t need tweezers or scalpels to give them shape. Anthrobots are made of tracheal cells, not neurons. And they’re pretty small, ranging in size between 30 and 500 micrometers. But don’t let their size fool you, these little guys are mighty. They have the potential to heal tissue damage, treat neurological diseases, and even deliver drugs. So there you have it, folks. Tiny biological robots that can move around on their own and heal tissue damage. Just another day in the world of science.

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